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Who’s Telling Your Story?

Who's Telling Your Story? bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud


When I was in college in the ‘80s, the worst thing a woman could do was start her professional life as a secretary. Once seen in that role, you were going nowhere.

I didn’t really believe this because I knew I was headed for a successful career. I knew who I was. Read the Rest

Do You Know Your Magic Words?

magic words, key message bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud


Yes, magic words exist.

They make you feel confident. They make you sound smart. They make your life easier.

They are your key messages.

If you’re in business, you’ve heard this phrase. But have you experienced their power? If not, then your key messages need some fine-tuning. Read the Rest

Smokey the Bear – Branding Guru


The town of Big Bear, in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, has everything you could want in the shape of a bear or stamped with the likeness of a bear – salt shakers, tea pots, T-shirts, plates, plush toys (Teddy Bears, of course) and more. Your typical tacky souvenir collection.

I am not usually drawn to tacky souvenirs. But among all the bear-i-phenalia, one item called to me, an item of iconic branding. I had to have it the moment I saw it – a Smokey the Bear baseball cap. Read the Rest

My Bad App Breakup

My Bad App Breakup bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

Dear MapMyRun,

We’re done.

I love you, but you are a parasite.

I love the way you talk to me every mile, and tell me how I’m doing. I love the way you track my calories, miles, steps and altitude. I love that you give me a report I can send to my trainer.

But just once I let you off the leash and you invaded my Facebook account. Read the Rest