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Mindfulness – All the Cool Leaders Are Doing It

Mindfulness is now mainstream.

Companies from Google to General Mills have mindfulness meditation programs for their employees. Ford’s futurist named mindfulness one of the top trends influencing brands and products in 2016.

Silicon Valley – creator of all those distracting devices – is leading the way. They even have a tech/mindfulness conference called Wisdom 2.0.

Mindfulness has been described as the new killer app, the new caffeine, and a must-have tool for every 21st century leader.

But is it all that?

Neuroscientists think so. Our founder thinks so. She’s been at it for nearly a decade. Who couldn’t use a little more concentration, clarity and equanimity?

Is mindfulness part of your New Year?

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Business Graph - Purpose, Stakeholder, Leadership, Culture


What if business is the answer?

To third-world development
To personal fulfillment
To strong communities
To world peace

Sure, it sounds grandiose, and it is. But this is what a lot of people who attended the Conscious Capitalism® conference believe. And many are making it happen.

People from all over the world – from huge corporations to family-owned businesses – converged on San Diego this April to attend Conscious Capitalism 2014: Building Fully Human Organizations.

I found my tribe.

I’ve always believed in business. I’ve often thought that doing good should not be reserved for the non-profit sector. I also think that people should be able to do good and make a profit. Read the Rest

Maybe a Flat Leader is Just What You Need

Full-size cut outs may be the corporate equivalent of Lincoln Logs.

We created one a few years ago to pitch our idea for a fake news program. The professor was one of the characters who would explain complicated things in plain English.

And he was a hit. Our prototype stood over by someone’s cubicle for awhile and, flat as he was, people wanted to engage with him. Someone even pasted a new face on him. Most of all, they remembered us and loved our idea, and hired us. Read the Rest