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Everything Won’t Get You Anywhere

bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud House of Blues NAMM


There’s always too much to say, always. The problem is, that means there’s also too much to read.

Every business wants to be sure that people know what it offers, how it’s different and what you can expect from it. But so often we lead with the head when the way to a sale starts with the heart. Read the Rest

Who’s Telling Your Story?

Who's Telling Your Story? bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud


When I was in college in the ‘80s, the worst thing a woman could do was start her professional life as a secretary. Once seen in that role, you were going nowhere.

I didn’t really believe this because I knew I was headed for a successful career. I knew who I was. Read the Rest

Easiest Elevator Pitch Ever

Easiest Elevator Pitch Ever bluefeet blog by Lilli Cloud


What gets you really excited about your work? What projects or clients are really floating your boat right now?

While having a clever elevator pitch is great (as long as it’s clear), the easiest way to answer the question What do you do? is to share something you’re excited about. Read the Rest

Do You Know Your Magic Words?

magic words, key message bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud


Yes, magic words exist.

They make you feel confident. They make you sound smart. They make your life easier.

They are your key messages.

If you’re in business, you’ve heard this phrase. But have you experienced their power? If not, then your key messages need some fine-tuning. Read the Rest

Start with Why

Start With Why bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

What do you do?
What does your company do?

Simple questions, but that doesn’t mean you should give a simplistic answer.

I’m a banker, lawyer, doctor. My company makes widgets, provides legal services, lobbies for women’s empowerment.

You’ve just shared what you do. Congratulations. You are now the equivalent of a can of peas. You’ve just told the world you are a commodity.

Read the Rest